No one deserves to be living in constant fear of whether or not they’ll be able to afford to get their loved one out of jail. There’s nothing worse than spending a night wondering where your loved one is only to wake up to that call from the police station in the morning that’s letting you know you have to secure the bond for their release. Many people in this position have a moment of panic. Where can you secure the funds for such an expense? Should you start calling up your friends and family and panhandling for the cash to get your loved one free from police custody? There’s no need to do anything that drastic, all you need to do is reach out to Five Star Multiple Services and we can guide you through the bail bonds process to make the whole event much more manageable.

How a Bail Bond Works

When a person is arrested, they’re given a hearing date and a set amount needed for their bail. After that, the responsibility of getting released from jail falls to the individual who has been arrested and their friends and family to ensure that they do not wait the entire time between when they were arrested and their court date to get out of jail. Rather than frantically trying to collect the cash to help your loved one get out of jail, you can instead turn to a bail bond agency to get you the cash that you require. One the bail bond agency posts that bail, the only thing remaining is to ensure that the accused individual shows up to the specified court date. Unfortunately, if the accused individual skips the bail, the bail bond agency will need to hunt down the accused and return them to the court. There is generally a grace period designated when the bail is paid when the accused individual can be returned the court and the bail bondsman will get all of the bail funds back.