If your family member or friend is in jail and in need of bail, you need fast action and decisiveness backing you. Five Star Multiple provides bilingual bail bond services to the Brighton area as well as the rest of Adams County. We’re intimately familiar with the bail bond experience and the magistrates and judges setting bail in the Adams County court system. If you’re confused and lost about the coming process, reach out to us. We’re happy to advise you in whatever way we can. Browse some of our short answers that apply to all cases below to gain a better understanding of the process and what you’ll have to do after securing your bail bond from Five Star Multiple Services.

What is a Bail Bonding Agent?

Bail Bonding agents are licensed by the state of Colorado and often have an appointment from an insurance company or they own a qualified cash bonding agency, like Five Star Multiple. Their job is to post the defendant’s appearance bond, thus guaranteeing that said defendant (the person currently under arrest and booked in jail) will show up to their court dates. The bail bonding agent is paid a premium that is non-refundable. They’ll post the bail bond and if the defendant fails to appear for the court date the court may proceed to order the bond as forfeited and then require the bonding agent to pay the court the amount of the bond.  In this case, the bonding agent can then “apprehend” the defendant and force them to return to the custody of the law enforcement officials. They’ll then often be forced to take the collateral offered for the bail bond loan to pay off the bond’s forfeiture and the additional court costs. Thus, it’s extremely important that the person who has bail posted for them show up to all of the court hearings and follow the orders of the judge, lest the collateral for the bail bond be taken.

What Happens If You Miss a Court Date in Adams County?

If you miss a court date in Adams County, it’s extremely important to act fast. Contact your bail bond agent immediately and explain the situation to them. They may offer you the opportunity to “consent of surety,” which you’ll need to bring to the county clerk immediately and ask for a new court date. If, for any reason you are unable to make the court date initially, you should contact the county clerk and your bail bonding agent and notify them ahead of time if you can. If you wait until after you’ve missed the court date, there has already been a warrant issued for your arrest. You’ll be cited with a new crime by the name of “failure to appear.” Often times after this occurs, the bail bond will be forfeited and the property and money used to secure the bail bond will be lost.


Acquire Bail Bond Services in Brighton

If you’re in need of bail bond services in Adams County, Five Star Multiple Services is here to assist in any way that we can. We offer bilingual and transparent bail bond services to help you and your loved ones out of a tight spot. As we’re open 24/7, please feel free to reach out whenever you’re in need so we can help you navigate the red tape of draping the court proceedings and bail guidelines that you’ll soon have to understand intimately.