If you’re in need of a bail bond, you don’t need us to tell you how unfortunate it is. You need us to tell you how to proceed. As your Top Rated Local Bail Bond Service in the Denver area, we’re here to make things happen for you and your loved one in jail. You need a bail bond, and we have the means to acquire it for you.

If this is your first foray into the legal system and you’re unsure of how you need to act and respond to their demands, we can help. We’ve covered a couple of the basic topics that will leave you feeling enlightened and more confident about how the next few days will unfold.

How Does Bail Work?

“Bail” is defined by the procedure by which and judge or magistrate gives someone who has just been arrested or imprisoned the option to “pay bail,” to be released from containment. Once they set the bail rate, they will issue a receipt of security to that specific released prisoner who will arrive back at court for their future court dates. The defendant must be present for all of the court proceedings. Generally speaking, you’ll deliver a bail bond by posting a sum of money and then you’ll secure the freedom, pending trial, of the arrested person.

Why Does Bail Exist?

The idea of bail is to prevent an innocent person from having to dwell in prison and receive punishment when they are not guilty. It’s also meant to aid the accused in preparing a defense unhampered by jail or prison restrictions.

How Much is Bail?

In general, the amount of bail is set in relation to the gravity of the offense that the person is accused of. Many magistrates and judges might take into account how strong the evidence is and the character of the accused before setting a very high bail for someone who is, likely, innocent. If the accused is under a more generous magistrate or judge, they’ll often take into consideration what the person’s financial situation might be and ensure that the bail is, at least, somewhat affordable.

How Does Bail in the Denver Court Systems Work?

After an individual is arrested, the law enforcement officials will escort that person to a police station locally. Before the person is incarcerated, they’ll be put through the booking process and given a few options in regard to their release before the conclusion of the case. In general, bail is designed to guarantee that the defendant reliably shows up to court when the judge wants them there.

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