When you’re phone rings and it’s a number you don’t recognize, you may consider not answering it. But you answer it anyway because your loved one didn’t come home from going out with their friends last night. You’ve tried calling them a dozen times, and they haven’t answered. As you put the phone to your ear, you hear a machine-like voice ask if you’re willing to take a collect call from your loved one. Obviously, you accept.

At Five Star Multiple Services, we understand that when your worst nightmare occurs–a loved one gets arrested–you don’t know what to do first. If you’ve watched movies, heard of friends getting arrested, or gone through this before, you have a faint idea that you’re going to need a bail bonds company to get your loved one out of jail. In this post, we’re going to share the five tips on how to choose the best bail bonds company in Aurora. Call us now!

Five Tips To Choose The Best Bail Bonds Company

Tip #1: Ask about the fees

It can be tempting to use the first bail bonds company you find after searching “bail bonds near me” on your phone. At Five Star Multiple Services in Aurora, we suggest you call a handful of bail bonds companies and ask about their fees. You want to find the best deal to get your loved one out of jail as soon as possible.

Tip #2: Consider attorney-referred bail bonds companies first

If you have a defense attorney on retainer or you called an attorney before any bail bonds companies, ask your attorney which bail bonds service is the best in Aurora. An attorney-referred bail bonds company may offer a percentage discount due to their relationship with the attorney.

Tip #3: Try and get the bail amount reduced

In some cases, it may be financially smarter to not work with a bail bonds company until after your loved one is arraigned. This means you or your defense attorney may be able to convince the judge to reduce the cost of bail, which means a lower amount for you to pay to get them out of jail. In some cases, the judge will release the arrested on their own recognizance.

Tip #4: Watch out for cheap deals

Earlier, we suggested you call around to different bail bonds companies to find the best fee structure. This does not mean take the cheapest deal you can get. Although bail bonds companies can lower their fees as they see fit, the lesser fees tend to communicate amateur or less than experienced bail bonds companies. In some states, it’s illegal to charge under a certain percentage. Check into what your state requires.

Tip #5: Check for reviews online

We understand you’re in a hurry to get your loved one out of jail; however, it’s important you know the reputation of the bail bonds company you’re going to potentially work with. A company with good reviews in an industry that’s littered with unfortunate situations is a good sign they know how to handle the process.

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If you’re loved one is in jail and you need to post bail, we offer 24/7 bail bonds service to those in need. Our 24 years of experience has shown us everything we need to know about the process. We’re here to provide you the best bail bonds services in Aurora. Give us a call now!