If you’re the one busy looking up how bail bonds work, you’ve probably just had the unfortunate experience of getting a call from a loved one who is behind bars now. You may know what they did or you may have no idea, but everything about this situation is unpleasant and a bit frightening. What are you supposed to do? How do you secure bail for them? How long do you have to wait? There’s likely a number of questions that’ll pass through your head in this scenario, but it’s important to stay calm. Our advice? Take a deep breath and maybe turn on some zen music because this won’t be a pleasant endeavor. However, you can rest assured that Five Star Multiple Services will not only ensure that you’re educated about the bail bonds process in Douglas County, but that we’ve taken care of as much of the details as possible to make this a less stressful experience. Below, we have a few FAQs for your area that will help you navigate this situation.