1. A Brief History on Bail Bonds

    Did a loved one or friend get arrested? Did they call you to help bail them out of jail? At Five Star Multiple Services, we understand the fear and frustration you must be going through. No one likes getting a collect call from their friend or family member explaining they’ve been arrested. That Read More

  2. How To Choose The Best Bail Bond Company in Aurora

    When you’re phone rings and it’s a number you don’t recognize, you may consider not answering it. But you answer it anyway because your loved one didn’t come home from going out with their friends last night. You’ve tried calling them a dozen times, and they haven’t answered. As you put …Read More

  3. What You Need to Know About The Bail Bonds Process

    Did your loved one or friend just get arrested? Are you trying to post their bail but don’t know how the process works? You’re not alone. At Five Star Multiple Services, we’ve been serving Aurora residents and the surrounding areas with 24 years of bail bond services. If your loved one or a de…Read More